13 August 2020
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Buyers Guide

The team at the Homes In Puglia Group have many years of experience managing properties for sale in Puglia such as villas, masserie, trulli, lamie, town houses and apartments. We will guide you through the process of buying a property in Puglia with the minimum of fuss and handle the administration and legal paperwork, providing you with a stress-free and professional service.

Can anyone buy a property in Puglia?

Any individual with citizenship of a country which is a member of the European Union may freely purchase real estate in Italy, however the legal and administrative paperwork involved with Italian bureaucracy can often put potential buyers off. This is where the Homes In Puglia Group can help make buying a property in Puglia run smoothly.

How will the Homes In Puglia Group help with the legal aspects?

At the beginning of a purchase we will guide you through the preliminary agreement, the ‘Compromesso’, a promise to buy at an agreed future date which sets out the main terms and conditions, a 5-10% advance on the purchase price is usually paid at this point.

The Homes In Puglia Group then ensure that the property has full legal title which will be passed to you as the purchaser. We will also obtain all necessary planning permissions if building work is required.

As a property purchaser/owner in Puglia, you will also be required to obtain an Italian fiscal code (similar to a national insurance number), which the Homes In Puglia Group can arrange for you. The opening of an Italian bank account is also recommendable to facilitate all payments to be made after purchase of the property including real estate taxes and utilities.

The signing of the final purchase contract is organised with you in Italy after which your villa in Puglia or dream home in Puglia becomes a reality and the property is yours!

Is there an after sales service?

The professional services of the Homes In Puglia Group do not end there. If needed, we are able to design, organise, undertake and manage any renovations, extensions or new builds to your property in Puglia, just go to our Renovations or New Builds sections. We also offer a holiday lettings service should you require, just visit our Lettings section.

I want to know more about buying a property in Puglia.

This is a general buyers guide to purchasing a place in Puglia, if you have more questions or would like more in-depth information please click here to contact our office in Italy.