13 August 2020
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Homes in Puglia
are proud to bring well-placed and well-priced renovation projects in Puglia to a wider international audience.  With a wealth of property styles including the distinctive trulli, charming lamie, impressive masserie as well as town houses, villas and apartments brimming with potential, Puglia is the ideal place to find your dream home.

Buying and renovating can be a daunting experience if you're unfamiliar with the Puglia area and its local craftsmen.  The Homes in Puglia group has years of experience in property development, from small refurbishments to luxury renovations and extensive refurbishments.

Our multilingual management team based in Puglia will tailor a bespoke service to meet your property renovation requirements, meeting your timescale and your budget.

Visit our properties for sale to discover your ideal renovation project in Puglia.